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"Sailing in an olive grove"
New addition in Peanut Gallery. From my book “a sense of place”. I usually don’t title my photos but sometimes I succumb to the temptation of a poetic title that I think addequately echoes the feel of the image.
Edition of 10, A3+ size, 25€


Happy Friday. Have a good week-end.
My objective for the week-end: Spend time away from the computer, watching the world and taking photos! 

Enjoy our new featured submission from Greece:

A sense of place by Zisis Kardianos

The photographs are part of a larger body of work that was published in book format under the title “a sense of place”. With this book I aim to take the reader through a secret path to a different view of Zakynthos, my home island. Seen together and sequenced in the way they are, they suggest a journey off the beaten track where my personal exploration of my native island is shared with you in the hope to leave you with an emotional understanding of the place more than a literal sense of location.

These images reflect my past and present, my memories and emotions. They form an anthology of random moments, selected from a limited spectrum of public places, events, religious fairs and beach resorts, for the most part during the last five years.
Since this is a personal exploration, many aspects have been ignored. My gaze often embraces people living their lives, doing everyday things, being unaware of my presence.

I am more of an observer than an intruder. Still, through my photographs, I seek to create a world that is fictional in spite of being made with the raw materials of reality.

Zisis Kardianos

I was born in Zakynthos Greece in 1962. I studied sociology in the American College of Athens and documentary photography in the Focus School in Athens. My photos reflect locales visited in Greece and in various Mediterranean countries and they have been published in Greek and foreign magazines, book covers as well as various on-line venues. In 2012 I took part in the Athens Photo Festival with a solo exhibition of my series “Off-Season”. Also in the same year my book “A sense of place” was published, featuring b&w photographs of my native island seen through the oblique perspective of a street-life photographer.
What I strive to achieve is the making through my photographs of an imaginary world, where even the most prosaic situations can acquire a mysterious nuance and a meaning different from the one that they carry in reality. I am a founding member of the international photography collective Burn My Eye and a contributing photographer of the Millennium photo agency.